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    OK< I updated to the latest Ringo version over two weeks ago, now.
    And if the version is much more stable, it doesn't do AT ALL what it supposed to do:
    Doesn't recognise any 'Friend', select the pix and ringtone of a group at random (but rarely the caller's group!).

    I better get back to the previous version!
    Unless a new one is already available.

    Electricpocket people, could you inform somewhere on your Web site what is the current version of your apps, that we don't need to download them to know which to get.
    Thank you!
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    That does it!

    Until Ringo comes with a version that works, I uninstall it.

    This time the Friend function seems totally non-operative, and only one group seems to be recognized by all other groups.
    So, please explain me:
    What is the use of paying for Ringo if it can't do what it supposed to?

    And, PLEASE, Ringo people (I know you read this thread), provide us somewhere with the latest current version number, that we don't need to download the app every so often to know where you are!

    I paid for the app.
    So I hope to get eventually what I paid for.
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    What I don't understand is why one needs to setup each phone number of a contact. Why can't one just setup a particular contac and all the numbers for that contact should be able to use the same settings. It is kinda silly for one to have to setup the same contact 5 or 6 times if one has that many numbers for a particualr contact. Personally I have quite a few of them and anyhow at the minimum each contact atleast has 3 numbers, ie. office, mobile, home.

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