So, the alarm screams out of my pocket (louder than the ring) and I grab the Treo, but since I'm using DateBk5, I have to open the lid to acknowledge the alarm, instead of using the Scroll Up button, like (I believe) I could do with the native DateBk version.
Or maybe I misremember.

E-mail to Pimlico results in:

"It was considered a BUG on Palm devices that the scroll buttons would clear an alarm, and code was added to specifically stop that from happening. "


" will find that someone has already produced a hack that will do exactly what you want -it would not be difficult to write a hack that tested for an alarm dialog being up, and on that keypress, passed a Pen-down event on the OK button, but it would be rather specialised in this particular case..."

SO, does such a workaround exist? Anybody?

Too nebby to worry about? Thoughts?