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    Although it may have taken some time to post it in their website.
    I would give them a thumbs up for openly stating the problem, their position, and a clear explanation of what to do if it happens
    As I have read, some of the users in this forum have not had the greatest of experiences with returning the product etc...but at this point, Handspring seems to have rectified that.
    Hopefully in the future they will do a more thourough beta of the product before they bring it to market to weed out some of these problems that seemingly could have been rectified early (ie .. stylus and backlight problems)
    my 2 cents....
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    Kudos to Handspring for taking the high road on the backlight problem and quickly rectiying the potential loss of customer loyalty. There viability depends on it. But as long as proper disclosure and corporate accountability reigns as it should in defective product design, why not confess publicly to the loose stylus design error and provide the customer base with the same level of support. Are they deciding which defects deserve disclosure or are they already beyond warranty expense reserves?
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    Excellent point.
    To me it seems that this will however not happen, reason being it is not a problem that renders the unit useless. To them it is a bad batch. It is easier to deal with that issue on a return as needed basis without everyone sending in a unit that may or may not encounter the problem. People get trigger happy sending products back in in this type of scenario, and I am sure Handspring does not need more units in the door to deal with from a return standpoint than they are already getting.
    They will no doubt deal with the ones that have the problem in a timely and proper manner. Just to issue a statement that will possibly open the floodgates on an issue that is not as horrific as a dead display is an open door to a new line of returns that they dont need. 2 cents for what they are worth

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