I have a Treo 680, using VersaMail 3.5.5. I have a gmail address, with other email accounts filtering into various labels in my gmail account. I have the gmail account in versamail, using POP, because I heard that versamail has problems with POP.

On the Treo, I would only like to receive the emails sent to the main gmail address, not the other email accounts that are also checked by gmail. I can create a filter, telling Versamail to only receive those email messages, and this works. However, when Versamail checks email, it still looks at every email that I have, as if it were downloading it, which really slows things down.

For instance, lets say that my main Gmail account gets 10 emails a day, and my other email addresses get 50 per day. When I check my email on versamail, it sees that there are 60 messages, checks all 60, then only receives the 10 from the main account. I have to wait until it goes through all 60 emails before it finishes. This is a compounding problem, because each day the emails from the other accounts grow, since they aren't ever getting downloaded (day two there are 120 emails, day three there are 180 emails, etc.)

Any work-arounds?