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    After reading about all the problems with customer service at Handspring, would it be better to buy the 270 direct from Cingular? They have a real office with a real person that I can talk to face-to-face if problems develop with the device, and they say that they would handle any hardware problems through their office.
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    It's a real person alright, but without the knowledge of Treo. They ONLY know what's on the sales brochure, and don't bother asking them technical questions. Calling in the customer service is better because they have the whole manual there on the system to read and search for the answer, but be prepare to wait a few minutes for them to read up on the materials or ask another person. Basically they are still unprepared for your questions unless it's relating to their cell plans. I got mine thru handspring website with the cingular discount. Read up on this forum and you will learn a whole lot more than anywhere else.
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    Cingular just launched it's GSM network in NYC, and they want $599.00 for the phone (instead of $499.00 for Voicestream), and even though they offer a few more anytime minutes, and nightime included with the weekend minutes, they want another $6.99 for 1 meg of gprs access in their $29.99/39.99 plans.
    I told the Cingular rep, they were nuts offering the phone for $100 more than Voicestream, and he told me he would work out a "deal" with me. That gave me a warm, queasy feeling!
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    Has anyone seen any mention of the Treo for use on the T-Mobile network. Sure it's the old VoiceStream, but maybe they'll offer more now.

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