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    My Prism will soon be no longer usable. The Treo may be an acceptable replacement, and I'm willing to learn to use the keyboard to input data.

    My question is this: how often in the real world does one have to use the stylus for data entry "buttons" that appear at the bottom of many screens i.e. the small boxes that show up for "new", "okay", "delete", "cancel", etc.

    Are there keyboard shortcuts that allows one to navigate and select among several of these boxes that appear on a screen, or is one forced to use the stylus to select? If use of the stylus is necessary, this certainly detracts from the usability of this device for me.
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    No, you really *don't* need the stylus for navigating through the Palm OS's various menus and pop-ups, but the keyboard naviagation takes awhile (and some research) to get acclimated to, so a lot of people just whip out the stylus. You don't need to; you can hit "Option-Enter" to hit the "OK" button when it pops up, for instance.

    I would highly suggest going to Handspring's website and reading the Treo manual that they have posted; it's in PDF format, but it's exactly what comes with the unit. It explains all the shortcuts at length, and can probably answer all your questions about the use of the keyboard. Hopefully it will help more than I can!
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    The ability to navigate with the keyboard depends on the apps you use. The basic Palm apps all navigate very well. Most good developers have already designed their apps to work well with the Stowaway, so the Treo thumboard works fine their apps.

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