I've been frustrated getting some standard Palm hacks and even common Treo apps to work on my Treo.

Always On:
A utility to allow you to disable or stretch the auto-off beyond 3 minutes. When I set it for say 10 minutes the Treo will power off immediately and not stay powered on for more that 2-3 seconds until I soft reset and it reverts to whatever was in the general power off prefs. I tried another larger suite of utils (can't remember which one) and it acted the same way when disabling auto power-off.

Anybody have any luck getting their Treo to stay on longer than 3 minutes?

Treo Tools:
Worked for a while and then started failing to turn on after a reset. Uninstalled, reinstalled, enabled, disabled, even tried a hard reset and reload today but no joy - my Treo refuses to turn on the radio after reset even though it once did.

After today's hard reset I tried both of these before loading anything (first Always On) and neither one worked.

Anybody got any ideas?