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    Hi I just got my old755p replaced by sprint (I had insurance) and had a problem synching my names .I have windows XP. and upgraded to 6.2 palm software. I use the palm screen on the computer.
    I also lost on the phone screen the four categories on my phone screen.
    The are are the bottom of the phone screen and I usually just use my finger access them.
    contacts call log
    voice mail web
    that are at the bottom of the phone page. where you dial numbers...this happened after the new install.

    Can anyone tell me how to get them back.

    Also, on the palm screen, I always had the contacts on the left and hit contacts to access them all on a larger screen, that contacts icon is no longer there. there are all now on the right hand screen (smaller view) with no contact icon on the left and this is what I use the most ...its easier on my eyes.
    ( have been with sprint since 1998 and have a really good plan so I don't want to change phones. any ideas.?) I am out of contract.
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    I have a treo 755P running the palm os. I just click on prefs >buttons (under personal) to specify what buttons map to which apps

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