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    Howdy all!

    So I "UPGRADED" to a Palm Pre April 29. Immediately began examining the device after establishing my "Palm Profile" some where up yonder in them thar clouds.

    Ran the on board quick tests and interactive tests. Noticed the proximity sensor didn't respond. Check Precentral and Palm support for info and was advised to wait a couple days due to updates that would be coming through to the new device. OK. so I waited and voila! Proximity sensor began working!

    HAppy little ol me continued with my Pre. Loaded some pathces and apps to embellsih and make the Pre more useful to me.

    Then just barely three weeks after initializing the PRe I began to experience issues when making calls - the touchscreen would go completely black and become non - responsive! THe call would go through but I had to way to interact with the device - keyboard dial pad would work but I had no way to end the call and the device would not even respond to the power button!

    ONly way to stop the call was to do an Orange key/sym/r reboot! Delving into palm support and online searches and forum posts I tried everything possible to get the PRe fully functional. With each new attempt I hoped that another connection with the "cloud" would reestablish performance. Alas it did not and soon my thirty days had elapsed -

    Of course SPrint reps at the local stor were unsympathetic so my brand new only 35 day old Palm Pre has now been shipped off for warranty replacement and I am BACK to using my Trusty Palm Centro!

    I certainly hope this is NOT a synopsis of what is to come! I never DID move my data off the Centro to the PRE because I don't like the Google monopoly and was frustrated that when setting up my PRe it did so utilizing every last contact from my Yahoo email account and facebook account then gave me no ability to delete contacts I don't contact - wanting to force me to go to yahoo and delete them! Call me old fashioned but I have contacts in yahoo from years ago and another part of my life that while I don't contact them daily I still maintain their contact information I just don't need that info taking up space in my device which has a finite memory!

    I don't use online calendars and prefer to keep my contacts and daily actions within MY realm so was debating about which sync program to use and also grumbling that it would cost yet MORE money to do something with the PRE that OUGHT to be included already and that is to have the CHOICE to sync locally or over the cloud! I suppose this dely to upload my info from the centro at least saved me some hassle when my PRPRPR $became$ $faulty$.

    SO what I may do when the NEW pre comes in is have a BLANK email addy established to link to? Of course then that means manually entering all the contacts I want to have added.... not exactly my idea of an e3fficient use of time.

    Jeepers this is mind boggling!
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Haha! You are probably not alone. I still have my centro, 650, 750 and now Treo Pro, although I tend to gravitate back to Palm OS due to app familiarity and ease of use. Yes, web browsing sucks for the Palm OS, that is why I have Windows OS devices.
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    So, i just went back to my old Centro last night..

    Wife lost her Centro (for like the 5Th time!!!)... I had the Treo Pro, and shes been wanting a new phone...

    I gave her the Pro, and I reconnected my black Centro.

    Chattermail is a beauty...

    Why in the hell do these other phones just not work they way they should?...

    Ill stick to this little bugger for a little longer.
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    On my Centro, as well. It does everything I want, and to be honest, I still don't get the big draw to Pre.
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    I think the biggest draw to the Pre is the web browser. It is excellent and makes me realize how weak the Garnet browser was. That is why I am there and didn't go back despite the damn PIM problems. I finally broke down a few weeks ago and started using Google Calendar. I was frustrated that I could not sync my Calendar to Outlook on my laptop without buying something expensive ($40 for a functionality Garnet provided for free?!?) or scouring the web for something free that does not take up hours of my time to figure out how to use. Google Calendar is pretty good as I can make different color coded calendars on it for different aspects of my life. Personal, Work Appts, Vac schedule of reportees, Medical appts, etc. The color coding syncs with the Pre Calendar so I get something better than the standard Garnet calendar but falls just short of being able to see icons on Agendus.

    The frakkin' Tasks app syncs to NOTHING, not even Google Tasks which is a pretty weak app by the way. Task app also does not allow Repeating Tasks and does not allow you to select a time for the alarm. Instead it throws up a pop-up message the first time you use the Pre on the day of the task due date. I started using another app called Done! which only costs about $3 and syncs with a free online tasks manager on a site called The Done! app does not have notification options yet but eventually will.

    So now I get most of my PIM functionality that I had in my Garnet devices but it still ticks me that I could not seemlessly migrate. I used to have fun seeing how much stuff I could add to my Treo to improve the functionality but I do not have the time for that anymore. I just want it work out of the box.

    There is still no DocsToGo product other than the viewer. They blame Palm for not giving the access they need to create a robust editor saying Java does not cut it. Pretty disgraceful how they were touted as a launch partner.
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    So my wife finds her phone yesterday and asks me if I want my Pro back..

    I dont think i do..
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    My Pre Plus went back to AT&T today after maybe two weeks.

    For me it really was a mixed bag. There were many things about the Pre that were appealing - email notification, slick browsing, multi-tasking, fingertip responsive screen... but there were quite a few details that I had issues with.

    It took me a several days to get everything patched the way I wanted it (i.e. patch in features that my Centro had) such as unknown caller ringtone, no auto-redial of missed calls, brightness adjustment, etc.

    Now I know this one is my fault - I heard "wi-fi" and totally failed to do any homework past that. When I got the phone and found out that not only was I unable to sync with my desktop, but if I tried a 2-way sync between Google, Outlook, and Pre I got hundreds of duplicates.

    It's $40 for software that syncs these three, and it definitely is a feature that the phone should have come with. I got the serious impression that the Pre (and WebOS) was shipped prematurely. There are too many patches that are needed to complete the functionality of the phone.

    I had planned to keep it, though, as I felt like the benefits outweighed the drawbacks. Then three things happened...

    1) the volume kept turning itself down. The first two times I thought that maybe I had done something. The third and final time I was extremely careful as I had allowed my daughter to wander to a different section of Wal-Mart with the understanding that she would call me to see where I was when she finished looking. She tried, but she couldn't get me as the ringer volume was (again) all the way down to zero.

    2) It turned itself off twice. It wasn't the shutdown screen that you are supposed to get where it asks you if you are changing the battery - it was just FLICK! and it was black. Great.

    3) HP offered them with an AT&T contract extension for FREE. I was charged $249 for mine, and no, AT&T would not consider cutting me some slack with that deal as they said that since I had a three month early upgrade, I was SOL. I realize that the HP offer may be over (will probably be over) in three months, but I just couldn't stand the idea of it. Since I still have a very deep affection for my Centro, it wasn't a case of cutting off my nose to spite my face. It was just the soundest financial decision that I could make.

    Anyway, that's my downgrade story.
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    I'm SO glad to see that I'm not the only one who went back to the Centro after switching to the Pre. I was seduced by the new Pre technology but am very disappointed that the Pre tries too hard (but fails) to be an iPhone, and also fails at its basic task and Palm's 'bread and butter'- PIMs.

    I wasn't happy about syncing with "the cloud" but figured that was where things were going to I'd better just get used to it. After taking way too long to transfer my PIM data over, I cut the cord and decided not to purchase(!) additional software to sync with my desktop. Again, thought I'd see where this was all going.

    I really didn't like the touchscreen technology because I had to look each time to see where to touch and whether it had reacted (phone dialing had a significant lag causing several double taps and wrong phone numbers). There was so much on the Centro I could do with the rocker without looking and there were those hotkeys that called people and opended apps - from anywhere! I try not to text while I drive (set a good example for the kids) but I really felt distracted and unsafe everytime I tried to dial a phone number because I had to keep looking at the phone. The hotkeys only worked in certain modes and even then only worked sometimes.

    I love the look of the Pre's calendar and how it syncs OTA, but I find it useless because it's so SLOW. I lasted about 3 months with the Pre. The final straw was when I had to book a series of medical appointments for my kid. It was embarrassing to have to wait 30+ seconds after each "goto date" so I could tell them whether we were available.

    This weekend I switched back to my Centro (with great effort since my PIM data doesn't live anywhere) and it was like meeting an old friend. I'm struck by the elegant simplicity of the device and I'm SO happy to have my Butler "hotkeys" back and Chattermail with it's combined inbox with colors.

    So now I'm stuck with a useless Pre (eBay!) and locked into my Verizon contract for another 1 year 9 months. But I'm just very happy to have my Centro back. I don't see Palm going "backward" to focus on PIMs and satisfy it's business users so I'll be purchasing a backup Centro just in case. Anyone else?
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    I did not go back but simply stay with Centro since the Pre come out. I cannot stand sync to the cloud and lost control on my PIM. From youtube I notice a lot of screen response issue with touch, even with overclocking. Though the homebrew is a great community, the pre just cannot replace from I have been doing with Centro. I have too many favorite ebooks, bibles, Chinese OS input and etc that still working and have no even replacment on pre. Multitasking is great on pre, but I am still amazed that I can use tomtom gps smoothly while having ptune on background to car stereo aux while I am driving. Only a palm diehard know what the centro is up for.

    Now the bad on centro is a modern web browser. The furthest that I can boost on this is to employ Java JVM with Opera 4 and small 8 pt fontsmoother to vastly improve the browsing experience and mostly stable. I always long for updated JVM on PalmOS and Opera 5, but I do not think it will be coming.

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