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    I want to use the Treo to place a long distance call within the US with my CALLING card.

    Can somebody let me know EXACTLY how to place a sample call listed below. Of course, I have changed some of the data:

    Access number is: 206 323 0000
    Then I must press my ID of: 206 946 3340
    Then I must press PIN of: 2345
    Then I must hit the phone number for John Smith: 770 888 1234

    EXACTLY how do I accomplish this on the Treo? Can it be done without any additional software?

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    There are two ways to do this:

    No additional software:
    Setup Calling Card Phone Number as Speed Dial
    Enter other number as extra digits
    To dial click the SpeedDial once the calling card answers click extra digits, then MANUALLY dial the phone number you want to call.

    Use TakePhone (shareware $9.95)

    TakePhone allows you to setup a calling card in your contacts and have it automatically dial when it recognizes certain digits like area code. Works great. There is one bug. On the Treo there is one bug. You cannot put pauses in the calling card script, you can however put an X which pauses the dialing until you press the extra digits button.

    Check out the following thread:

    Majic JayJ

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