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    Help! Anybody.

    I've been trying to send email from one-touch email that comes along with the Treo 270 installation. what is the smtp server used by Cant seem to figure out. I used, and None of them seem to work.


    Thanks in advance
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    If you can receive mail, then try using the POP3 address, but replace 'POP3' with 'SMTP'. Or, try using smtp.mywirless... without the 'mobile'.

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    You can not use One Touch with "My Wireless Window" from Cingular. Been there done that. It does not use an SMTP server and will not allow you to send other pop3 e-mail if i remember correctly. I've used both Treo Mail and Eudora and they will work fine and I'm sure there are others that will work as well.
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    yes i did try looking for the smtp server of cingular but cant find it. My other isp is bluelight but requires authentication and I'm using a diffrent pop3 incoming. ----Thanks for the replies! I will try other email programs then.
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    USE EUDORA MAIL. it support Smtp authentication and I can send outgoing mail now... works in color too!

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