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    Recently the speaker on my Treo 180 died.

    I paid Handspring the US$25 and they shipped me a replacement unit and all went well.

    However, I have now discovered that when I choose the SIM Services application I get the following "Unable to retrieve the SMS services menu."

    This was not the case on my previous Handspring. As such I cannot manipulate the CALL DIVERT options and therefore my calls do not divert to voicemail if my phone is off or I do not answer.

    I tried the SIM chip from girlfriend's T39 and I have the same problem.

    Can anyone give me any guidance on this one ??
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    Hey Calypso Man! Welcome to the boards. You must be the first person located in Jamaica here. The SIM Services nis inactive at the moment. I do not recall seeing anyone getting it work work. You can set call forwarding etc in the Menu options. Go to the speed dial screen and click on menu button (button with the :menu: ). Select Options | Call Preferences.

    Oh When youj finish making the changes. Tap on the "Get Status" button in the Call Preferences.
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    That is exactly the way mine works, and incoming calls go to voicemail just the way they should.
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    Thanks for the info guys. Its done and working !!

    A question now on SMS. The area code where I live is 876. If I am sending a message to England and put in the 011-44 number fails. However, if I get an SMS from England and hit the reply option it goes through perfectly.

    I note that the number used in the reply is +44.......

    Why the "+" and why does it work ??

    If I happen to be in England sending a message back to my 876 area code what do I use +876..... ???

    If I store the number in my Address Book as +44.... will it work when I dial it rather than send a message ??
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    Calypso where in Jamaica do you live? Are you usinf DiGiCel with the Treo? Do they have data services now? Let me know. Its cool that we have a Jamaican here that actually lives in Jamaica

    I dont really know the answer to your question but I know that the 876 Jamaica area code would be +1 876 999 9999. For Egland the number would probably be +44 999999999. The "1" and "44" is the country/area designator. +1 is used in all of North America and the Caribbean. I think +44 is for the U.K.
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    Thanks again.

    Live on the North Coast. Yes I am using Digicel but they have not yet introduced their data services.

    I also so have a voicestream chip which I use when I am travelling.
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    Oh Cool. Do you know when DigiCel will be offering data services? I will be visiting "home" (I am originally for Kingston) next year and would love to have full access with my Treo when i come down.

    Originally posted by calypso man
    Thanks again.

    Live on the North Coast. Yes I am using Digicel but they have not yet introduced their data services.

    I also so have a voicestream chip which I use when I am travelling.
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    Hi Calypso Man

    The '+' is a standard identifyer for the prefix you dial from the country you are in. The + eliminates the need to input 00 or 0011 or whatever the dialing prefix is in the country you are in. Basically, using the + sign, you never need to know the dialing prefix of the country you are in.

    What I do is prefix all my calls with the dialing prefix and full country code etc. - even my local calls. So, if I am calling a number in Switzerland from Switzerland, I will use the prefix, full country code and area code(eg +41 21 99999999). You do not get charged international call rates as your service provider will know your phone is still in your home country.

    It also saves you editing home numbers when abroad

    Oh, from the UK, you would use +1 876.....

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    Thanks for the info.... but let me see if I understand.

    I live in Jamaica and the area code is 876. For me to dial the United States from Jamaica on a regular telephone I dial 1 and then the area code eg. 1-305-555-1212. 555-1212 is the phone number. Therefore on my treo I would enter this number as
    +305-555-1212. Is that correct ??

    For me to dial England on a regular phone I dial
    011-44-1-aaa-nnn-nnn. Where aaa is the town code and nnn is the person's phone number. On my treo I would enter
    +44-1-aaa-nnn-nnnn. Is that correct ??

    Now when I am travelling in the States or England the GSM service there will automatically know how to deal with the "+" sign ??
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    Hi Calypso Man

    You would still need the 1 as this is the country code for the USA.

    Not sure about your 1 in the UK code. 44 is the country code for the UK. So, it should be +44 area_code telephone_number.

    Yep. That's the whole point of using the + sign. It is an international standard so wherever you are, the network you are using will know how to deal with it.

    Hope this helps

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    Calypso man...I have a question. Can sms messages be sent with my treo 300 and phones in jamaica, who for example have digicel as their carrier
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    When i had my Treo in Italy, and I bought a Italian sim card, it had real Sim Services. but they we're all in Italian, so I didn't quite know what they we're. It looked like news, weather, i guess. It was a long time ago tho.
    -- Go Illini!

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