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    For those of you that read my earlier post, I lost my stylus due to the infamous stylus problem. I figured, it's annoying, but I will just go to Handspring's site and order a 3 pack replacement.
    I go to the online store and put the order in the shopping cart, filled in all my info, credit card, etc. And when I hit proceed to submit the final order I get this message:

    "We were unable to complete your order due to a problem with the credit card information you provided. Please check that the billing address for this order exactly matches the billing address on your credit card statement and try again. "

    So I go back and check my credit card billing info but it is all exactly correct. So I try again, and same result. Then I go back, erase all my credit card info and type it in again, same message.
    I triple check it, same message. I finally called my credit card company and verified my address, and they said it was correct. I submit it 2 more times in a row, and on the second try it finally took it, even though I did not change the billing address.
    So, I go online to check my credit card and guess what??
    Thats right - Handspring charged my credit card 5 times for the order, even though it said that my order was not completed those other times and I only got 1 e-mail confirmation.

    So be carefull, their site does not seem that great.

    The other question I had is that their site says their online ordering is secure, that it uses SSL. But when I ordered the url does not have https in front of it like most secure sites. And the "secure" lock icon did not show up in the browser.
    Maybe someone who knows more about it than me can tell me if it is really secure.

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    Well I always have the lock and https when I am placing my order at It looks like the site screwed up big time here. I would call customer service first thing Monday morning to make sure that the problem is rectified. I had a problem placing my order too because of the credit card address check thing...and I had to call in to place the order.
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    I've personally never bought anything from because I have figured that I can get the stuff cheaper retail and at other websites....Personally I avoid buying online forom any other sites aside from the biggest and best known like Amazon or
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    Originally posted by yardie
    I would call customer service first thing Monday morning to make sure that the problem is rectified.
    In my experience, you have a 1 in 5 chance of getting satisfaction from customer service on this as they are removed from the billing/refund/return process. I'm betting they'll offer you some sage advice like "Take it up with your credit card company."


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