I was standing in line at a restaurant last evening when I noticed the guy behind me was wearing a Voicestream shirt. There is a Voicestream store in the shopping center so I asked if he worked there. He said yes and I preceded to ask him about GPRS for Treo's. He said they have been told that the GPRS software will be in release version December 1 (not what I was hoping to hear). He asked if I had a TREO 270 and when I said yes he asked to see it. I was surprised he had never seen one and he told me that Voicestream will never sell TREOs themselves because they do not want to hire and train people to support the PDA functions. They will however continue to make deals with Handspring and other on-line and brick and morter dealers to subsidize TREO sales. He also told me that they get 10 to 15 calls a day asking if they sell TREOs. VoiceStream Corporate has told their managers that TREO 270 sales are exceeding initial projections. He did confirm that rumors are circulating the company that they may merge with AT&T.