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    I had a nice Handspring stylus w/built in pen that fit directly into my Prism. Since I always had my Prism/VP with me, I always had a pen too.

    Does anyone know of a similar product that fits the Treo ? I know that some of the other PDA stylus form factors will fit in the Treo although they might stick out of the top a bit. I'm looking for a true replacement.

    In fact, are there any Treo stylus replacements that fit in the Treo slot (other than those sold by Handspring) ?

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    As of today, not yet.........I'm waiting for that as well.

    I don't know why other companies don't make such a thing.

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    I lost my stylus in a stupid accident.. ended up using one
    of the parker pen ink refills for a stylus as a tempory

    It ended up working so well, I haven't gotten to order
    the replacement stylus.

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