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    I was reading a magazine and saw this new program that seems awesome, they are doing beta testing now so go sign up if you think youll get use out of the program.

    "Connected Media's ConnectedTV turns your handheld into a interactive, handheld television program guide. When you HotSync your handheld, Connected TV will download the latest program listings from the internet. When you want to change the channel, just tap on the program you want to watch using your fingertip. The handheld's IR transmitter will change the channel."

    You can find out more about this prrgram at
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    Shame it sounds a little like vopourware - it's been "coming soon" for a while :-(

    But I think I saw the same article your talking about - Pen Computing or other magazine like that...
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    Yeah it seems like its been coming out for a while but if they are doing beta tests now then it shouldnt be long before it comes out. I read the article in Handheld Computing Magazine. Thats an awesome PDA magazine if you guys havent had a chance to read it, i reccommend it.

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