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    Ok... I know people have brought this up... But, what is the correct answer? They say it sync's through classic... But, it doesn't!!! I can't get it to work!!!

    What about nativly through osX?

    I can't believe that handspring screwed around with USB... I think they should of complied with Palm on the specs... Not to mention... I wish it was Bluetooth compatable now... And that I just bought an iPod now!!! Oh well... I love the Treo 90... and... It works great with os 9.2

    Any help?

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    I could not figure out anyway to sync the Treo 90 with OS X.

    I have heard (and am about to find out) that "Missing Sync" software for use with sony handhelds will allow you to sync with OS X and the Treo 90.

    I was hoping handspring would have an OS X announcement at MacWorld ... wishful thinking I guess.

    I spoke with the missing sync people at MacWorld and they confirmed that it will enable you to sync ... however they are not at this point publicly claiming this fact.

    You'll have to spend $30 more ... but it might be worth it for you.

    Hope this helps
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    I will check out "the missing sync"... I'm a little annoyed that they don't offer support yet... But, we'll see... I'm not using 10.1 very much yet seeing I write music using 9.2... So, as soon as I feel like spending $100ish for 10.2... and $150 for my updated music software... and.. $400+ for a new interface for my music... Maybe I'll try the missing sync..

    God... It never ends...

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    I'm trying everything to get my Treo 90 to hot sync w/Entourage X, based on encouraging posts various places here and inspite of the unsupported nature via Handspring.
    I'm running OS 10.1.5 and have done the following:
    - Downloaded Palm desktop (which includes HotSync Mgr 3.0 and Conduit Mgr 3.0)
    - Downloaded/installed Microsoft Handheld Synchronization (Entourage Conduit)
    - Moved conduits as described by Microsoft
    - Removed all Palm OS updates
    - Downloaded and installed "Missing Sync"
    - Quit all applications (and Classic)
    Now HotSync runs & asks me to select user. Then says it's synchronizing...
    After (3-4 secs) a dialog box pops up saying "Conduit Manager" has unexpectedly quit.
    Too many hours spent!! Any suggestions by the few of you who've posted that it syncs??
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    Just to let y'all know I installed missing sync with palm desktop 4.01 and have not had any problems sync'ing to my OS X 10.1.5 system. Has worked flawlessly from the first moment.

    I Can't though sync to Virtual PC - haven't figured that one out yet. I use a few PC only apps that sync to the Treo. Will keep trying until I figure something out.

    I WOULD not at this point, unless you are very adventurous try using the Entourage OSX conduit. It SUCKS. My first sync made my datebook file grow from 100k to 4.5MB, wiping out everything but the last 500k of memory. I then thought having Entourage over-write the handheld might fix it, but it wierdly wiped out all my daily events (though they were there in the month view?!? as markers) - no luck. I deleted the conduit last night and went back to Palm Desktop.

    My .02
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    Well I went out and bought/downloaded missing sync.

    Sage iMac running OS 10.1.5 with Palm Desktop for OS X 4.0.

    Unfortunately the sync is still missing.

    Possibly because my wife and I both have treos? and thus we have two Palm desktop "databases"??

    I press the sync button, the sync screen comes up and ... ... ... nothing.

    All Palm OS updates removed.

    I've waisted $29 in worse ways before ... but if anyone has any ideas I'd sure appreciate them.
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    I found that I had to go into the /Applications/Palm/ directory and find the folder with the Palm OS updates and delete them. I got that tip from someone else prior to ever installing missing-sync, most likely why I hadn't run into any problems yet.

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    I heard recently that MS withdrew the Entourage X conduit due to its flakiness. The missing sync should work fine for general HotSync. It is providing the driver support for the usb chipset common to Sony and the Treo 90. There is no guarantee that a given conduit will work though - remember all the memory hassles with large transfer 9.1 conduits with older versions of HotSync manager. Mac HotSync has always been vulnerable to flakiness where non standard conduits with high-data transfer such as AvantGo are concerned. I hope MS get the conduit fixed and re-release it. It might make me finally make the jump to PD 4.0 on OS X and abandon the ageing Windows 98SE.

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