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    Something occurred to me last night. I lack the PalmOS programming expertise to attempt to implement it myself, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a difficult program for someone to write:

    Palm overclocking utilities do work on the Treo, but stop the phone part of the device from working -- it just won't connect to the network. Now I believe this is because it screws up the timing. Overclock a device to, say, 120% of normal speed, and what was once a GSM 900/1800 device becomes something like a GSM 1080/2160. And as no-one transmits at these frequencies, it doesn't work.

    It occurred to me, however, if you could overclock a European Treo at about 105%, you might be able to get the GSM 1800 aspect of the device close enough to GSM 1900 to get it to connect on an American network.

    I'm not sure how fine you can tune

    a) the overclocking speed
    b) whether or not on GSM the timing has to be EXACT, or whether there is some error correction built in (ie. whether getting 1890 Mhz or 1908 would be close enough)

    But given the obvious lack of a tri-band model, if this could be done it would immediately open up a new market for the Treo.

    Anyone fancy taking it on?
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    Sounds good but are you sure that the CPU Speed will do this? IsnŽt it the radio unit youŽll have to "overclock"!?!
    Slower than my NR70 was but i love my Treo 270......
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    I would imagine that the radio unit is linked to the CPU speed -- otherwise why would the phone aspect of the device stop working when the CPU is overclocked?
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    I suspect the radio unit would have to have it's own clock to operate at wireless frequencies. I think trying to drive a 900/1800 MHz transmitter from a 33 MHz CPU clock would be pretty difficult.
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    Ordinarily, I'd agree -- but why would the phone part of the unit die when you use overclocking ultilities? If it was a set timer within the radio hardware, surely it'd run regardless of what the CPU was doing. Overclocking MUST therefore have an impact on the timing of the radio.
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    I would really like it if somebody can try to underclock!
    Then I will be able to receive my favorite radio station which is even better.

    btw: A fool is born everyday, this thread is the proof.
    It is the software that services the interface to the phone module that fails, and not the phone.
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    I'm with ErnstB on this one. The phone band is set by RF circuitry and has nothing whatsoever to do with the CPU clock frequency.

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