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    After much deliberation I broke down and bought the Treo 90. I do like it but there are a few things that could be better:
    1- the stylus issue - everyone knows about it but it is annoying. It makes you wonder how handspring does their product testing. I bought mine on Sunday and by Monday night the sylus would fall out if I just tipped it slightly upside-down. Anyone that tested this product for more than a day or 2 should have caught this. Not a HUGH deal, but sloppy in my opinion for a device that costs 300.00 retail.

    2- No sync cradle included. Again, for 300 bucks I expected to find a cradle in the box. The Neo that retails for 129 at Compusa has one included. You can get one from Handsprings site for 50 bucks.

    3- the screen problems posted here and elsewhere are very unsettling. I hope that doesn't happen but I have only had my Treo only 5 days so I am not holding my breath. I feel sorry for the people that had to go thru this.

    If I have my Treo 1 day, and it is brand new, and I have the stylus problem, why should I have to return it for a used one. I think Handspring could send people a NEW Treo, esp. if it is less than 30 days old.

    I got my Treo at Best Buy, and I paid extra for their replacement plan. It says (supposedly) that if the Treo stops working anytime within 3 years I can bring it back and trade it in for a brand new one off the shelf. After reading about these problems I am glad that I took that option. But now I have a new question I didn't think to ask: If the one I bought breaks in a few weeks and I return it for a new one, do I still get the rest of the 3 year replacement coverage? It did not occur to me, until I read some of the posts here, that I might need to return the Treo multiple times.

    But, there are also many good things about the Treo. I like the keyboard, and now that I have gotten used to it I can type faster than using the graffiti. It fits in my pocket, and seems to have good battery life, and lots of great 3rd party apps of course.

    All things considered I would buy the Treo again if I had it to do over. I just hope that I won't have to return mine multiple times, because I don't like it enough to put up with that.
    If that happens I will have to look to another company for a PDA.

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    I bought the Best Buy Plan for my Edge a year ago. I had a cracked over and they replaced the whole unit. Static problems locked the unit up. They replaced it.

    It's a very good plan. My only problem is that Edges are not being made anymore and the plan is not transferable to my Treo 90. If the Edge goes out in the next two years, they'll replace it with a "comparable" unit. That would probably be the Neo, since it's black and white and has many of the same specs.

    This plan will be an issue for you in a year or so, depending on Handspring's moves and the Palm market in general. IF Handspring goes to OS5 before the end of the year in new units (that's not a given), then the Treo 90 may be replaced. Best Buy doesn't consider cost in replacement and probably won't consider and OS5 Treo PDA as comparable. So what you could get in a few years may be at their whim. I think they will send defunct units in for service, but I was told I wouldn't get a loaner while it's being fixed.

    May your Treo live long so none of this becomes and issue.
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    Thanks for the info.
    Ironically, after just complaining about the loose stylus last night I lost my stylus this morning. It was in the Treo at home and when I got to work it was gone.

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    I guess not having a stylus to use is one way of curing the stylus problem.

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