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    This article's a little old, but still good news that they're (SyChip) trying to create an SD card form of 802.11b, which is battery-consumption friendly. Bad news for some pda owners is that Palm OS 4 is the minimum requirement.

    Now if only the Treo's supported SDIO!
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    Jim Wagner (author of the article) needs to do a little more homework, and get a better tech editor. This article contains some poorly worded and misleading information like:

    Jim Wagner
    Though many manufacturers are rushing to get a 802.11b SD card out to the masses, officials believe they are the first to actually do so.

    The wireless LAN (WLAN) 6060 network interface card (NIC) isn't expected to be available to the public until next year;
    Just like several other cards like the one described at:,,t412-s2118838,00.html
    Jim Wagner
    Bluetooth, which has only an effective range of 6-10 feet compared to 802.11b's 300 feet . . .
    I wonder if he meant 6-10 meters since that is the Bluetooth standard. My Socket Bluetooth card communicates with my BT cell phone from about 25 feet away and talks to my BT-equipped desktop about 30 feet away on another floor in my house.
    Richard Shim, ZDNet Article linked above
    Still, some handheld makers have not totally committed to SDIO. Handspring's Treo 90 device, the first to use the Secure Digital card format, does not support SDIO.
    This article references the shortsightedness of Handspring as one of the last of the new PDA models with an SD slot not capable of SDIO. How unfortunate.

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    But at least this quote from the zdnet article is uplifting for us T90 users:

    "We don't support SDIO out of the box," said Brian Jaquet, a spokesman for Handspring. "We could support it; it's simply a software upgrade...We're looking at the solutions in the market and the customer demand, and we're evaluating it."

    If it's just a simple software upgrade/patch (to the Palm 4.1H OS), it's bound to happen--I hope
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    The one comforting thing in all of this is that the founders of Handspring all the way down the line know what it means to redevlop the product, even once it is to market.
    Every product, especially hardware related, has its glitches and yes some of the initial Treo 90 glitches are pretty basic so that they should have been caught in product developement
    Maybe if we ask enough, they will start to beta these products in the consumer market a little more. Rather than relying on their in house departments to do it and let the everyday user like ourselves break it b4 it goes to production so that some of these annoying glitches would be out before the product ships
    just my 2 cents.
    maybe not even totally the right place for it
    but hey.....when the tough get going....they ramble incessantly

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