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    So I recently reconfigured my treo (big mistake, by the way) and my Blazer app had it's icon and name replaced w/ Cingular's name and icon. It's still Blazer v. 2.0, but suddenly I can't set my homepage and it's locked to automatically start-up at Cingular's worthless homepage.

    So now, everytime I want to use Blazer I have to look at the damn cingular site. I searched the CD-Rom (and my backups folder), but couldn't find the Blazer app. Does anyone have any idea how (aside from wiping my treo and starting from scratch) I can get Blazer back?
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    You'll notice that a "Cingular" icon has now appeared in the Applications window.

    No guarantees, but try simply deleting the Cingular application by going to the "App" menu in the Applications window, selecting Delete, and then deleting the Cingular application.

    The Blazer icon should now reappear in the Applications window, and the "My Wireless Window" network connection option should still be available for dialing in (without forcing you to the Wireless Window homepage).

    Note that all your bookmarks will be reset/lost. But at least you can now select your own homepage under Blazer's preferences.
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    Thanks TCC, that worked like a charm.
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    No problem - it WAS a bit unnerving not knowing whether the Blazer icon would reappear or not... :-)

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