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    Hello All ....

    I'm considering making the jump from SPCS over to VoiceStream. I really like their regional 3,000 "anytime" minute plan for $59. Being able to talk on the cell for 1 hour and 40 minutes a day - every day of the year - is just fine for me and much better than the 1,000 "daytime" minutes (33 minutes per day) I'm getting from SPCS for considerably more.

    Heck, I wouldn't even want to talk on my landline that much a day, every single day.

    But, I live out a ways in Northern Virginia. The new t-mobile website maps show that I'm covered, but I'm wondering about the return policy - in case I get the phone and it doesn't work at my house at all. Sprint's signal is a bit shaky at my house. What is the policy on returns? I'm assuming it's "x" number of days with the carrier (VoiceStream) for the service plan, and probably 30 days for Handspring on the device itself?

    I'd heard something about a deal with having 30 days on the whole thing ---- but reading Amazon's return policy for cellphones doesn't lead me to believe that this is still the case.

    Thanks in advance!


    (I300 owner)
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    I'm considering making the jump from SPCS over to VoiceStream. I really like their regional 3,000 "anytime" minute plan for $59.
    Sure it's that high? They recently dropped the price in my market to $49. There is a short return period during which you can cancel your VS contract and return your Treo. Of course I'd just find someone with a GMS phone and have them over for dinner, and ask them how strong their reception is.
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    Look up the treo on Amazon's website and call the #800 number at the right, their wireless dept to make sure. I recently purchased a 180 and returned it (twice) and cancelled the contract w/voicestream (twice). When I contacted voicestream the first time the csr had to look up the special provision for amazon that allows returns for up to 37 days without penalty. The second time I contacted voistream the csr was a b**ch and refused to research the amazon return policy so I called amazon's wireless dept and they verified and said they would take care of voicestream for me, however I called voicestream back the same day and got another csr who readily found the amazon provision and cancelled my contract without a problem. So unless the policy has changed in the last 2 weeks you are probably safe, but I would still call on the front end. Voistream's regular return policy is 72 hours after that a $200 cancellation fee applies.

    btw: don't buy a treo unless you are ready to not live without it, I am now on my third 180 on the same reinstated voicestream contract. :?
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    I live in Northern Virginia too, but not very far out (Arlington County, next to Falls Church). I ordered a Treo 180 with a VS contract in April and gave it back before the end of my "Buyer's Remorse (14 day) period due to poor reception. It would not work in my house at all, and there were stretches along major metropolitan roads (HWY &/Leesburg Pike near Skyline if you're familiar) the phone always lost signal (cut off a call).

    This dropped call became a joke between my wife and I on my daily trip home from work (she teased me about buying the Treo from the start!) and I eventually would have my Verizon phone on speaker phone with her office phone while talking to her cell on the Treo (sort of a test ). The Treo would lose connection 1-5 times on a trip home - Verizon never.

    I used the Treo to make the call getting a return authorization (I like irony), and I lost contact with Voicestream 3 times on that phone in my front yard within 200 yards of I-66. Needless to say, I completed the transaction with my good ol' Startac from Verizon (sublime irony ).

    Think long and hard before you switch to VS in Northern Virginia.


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