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    The Treo 270 is available in two versions - the 900/1800MHz in Europe which is usable on most GSM networks worldwide except North America, and the 900/1900MHz which is usable in North America and on most but not all of the RoW networks. If you want the best worldwide coverage you are best to get the US model and select your European carrier for 900MHz operation.

    The European T270 FAQ still says if you want the 900/1900 version you have to order and ship to a US address (with all the shipping and warranty hassles that would create). Now, just a few weeks after the T270 launch they have announced the 900/1900 is available in Europe.

    I can see quite a few people p****d off with this. Why couldn't the FAQ have just said "the 900/1900 version will be available in Europe in the near future"

    Fortunately I have given up my monthly transatlantic commute and the rare times I make the trip now I'll revert to my Motorola triband phone but it would have been nice to have know the option was going to be available. After all they pre-announced the T270 when the T180 was launched so pre-announcing a worldwide model when the T270 was launched rather than giving misleading information shouldn't have been that difficult.

    Rant over.
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    Couldn't agree more (see my posting entitled "arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh" )

    I'm almost hoping the screen goes on my new replacement unit so that I can request a 900/1900 model this time out!
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    Originally posted by Tony_Raven
    Fortunately I have given up my monthly transatlantic commute and the rare times I make the trip now I'll revert to my Motorola triband phone . . .
    Good ol' Motorola!

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    My charitable side says that there was demand and they responded to it.

    I personally would be dubious about choosing to use a 900 band phone in Eu all the time as the wattage of a GSM transmitter on this frequency is usually double that of 1900. Hence your battery will burn faster. I think it is a good choice if you are 50:50 in Eu and the USA/Canada. hat said the lower the frequency, the better the long distance propogation of the signal so 900 is likely to be pretty solid for reception.
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    I live in Germany and the t270 works perfect. I just found out that the us version was in europe when my backlit went out. So I called HS in the states and they told me to contact HS in UK. I was thinking I would get a refurbished unit but HS in UK don't send replacements. They only send brand new treos. That I like. So if your treo backl;it goes out call HS in UK. Have them ship it to someone you know in Europe. Forunately for me in Germany I no longer have to wait three to four weeks to receive my treo. Now it just takes only a couple of days. That I like too.
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    My best buddy is the head service manager for all motorola products here in my country. So, I know what I'm saying when I declare that Motorola cellphones sucks big time.
    User unfriendliness, same basic interface for all phones dating back to 1998, the worst customer satisfaction for all phones, lowest build quality, etc, etc.
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    I agree about Motorolas but at the time it was the only tri-band available. There's a wider choice now but not much.
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    Until Treo will support Triband I'll use Nokia 6310i. My Visorphone 900 1900 is simply orrible in Europe outside from the major cities

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