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    Somewhere in the threads there was a discussion of using McPhling and Swicheroo as programs to help Treo users move between programs quickly.

    I have found that Switcheroo works fine but McPhing slows the Palm (I tried this on my outgoing m505) by around 15% or so. This result can be confimed using a program called BogoHz

    Has anyone found another SwitchHack/McPhling like program that does the same function without any speed penalties? Add/DA Launcher for graffiti based Palms was really good and free also but unfortunately it cannot work with buttons.
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    I think we need a hack that can take the input required by older hacks like SwitchHack and convert them into Treo-aware button presses. For instance, when SwitchHack is looking for a pen stroke from a silkscreen button to the graffiti area, this new hack will take, say, option-shift and make it into the requested pen stroke. Or something.

    I feel your pain. I miss SwitchHack tremendously.
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    Try EasyLaunch - it lets you re-map the buttons to launch an app by single press, press & hold or press & hold long. (3 apps per button!) You can also map button combinations, and best of all, you can assign DA's to the buttons as well.

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    Thanks, but I cringe at the thought of overkill. I really just want SwitchHack functionality. I have Switcheroo to quickly launch any app I assign, and TreoButton to assign the hardware buttons, but nothing was as simple and useful as that hack. One quick pen swipe and I was flying back and forth between apps.

    And speaking of pen swipes, I wonder why we can't toggle the backlight with the vertical swipe my Palm offered. That would be another very useful hack.
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    Yes, EasyLaunch is a great program for making hardware buttons launch more than one program. At this time, it does not work with the Treo toggle switch yet as the author says he does not have acess to a Treo!

    Another option to launch more than 1 program per hardware button is Button Switch. This is a toggle switch which allows you to switch programs by pressing the button again rather than EasyLaunch's method of holding the button down for longer.

    This is an effective program but I think there are some compatibility issues with other hacks including Hoshi Takanori's App/Da launcher.
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    Button Manager is really simple. Each hardware button toggles between two apps you assign. Home function is assignable as well as Last App. So if you only need 8 key apps, it's great.
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    So does that mean that is you want the "second" app assigned to a button, you have tohit the button and launch the first-assigned app, and then hit it again to get the second? I don't think I like that, if that's the case.
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    You are correct. Hit a button for the primary app assigned to it, or hit it twice for the secondary app. If you're in an app and hit the same button once, it toggles. It becomes second nature quickly. It's also useful to have similar apps on the same button. For instance: memo and a word processor on the memo button. Contacts and a datebase app on the Contacts button. Unless you've got really large apps on a button, like AvantGo, calling up an app with a double click takes almost no time.

    I have Button Manager on an Edge for everyday stuff and on my Treo, which I use for developing and testing apps. Both are set for completely different apps, but both give me fast access and require no thought. Home being wired on my datebook button makes the Treo feel complete.
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    Well, that sounds like a decent setup. The only problem is when you want to toggle between two apps that 1) aren't assigned to the same button, and 2) are each assigned to the second press of two buttons, and 3) (and most importantly) aren't assigned tto a button at all. That was the beauty of SwitchHack. Didn't matter what you were running-- just swipe and you're back to the previous app. Sigh. I love the keyboard, though, and wouldn't ever consider a Graffiti version just for the few little things that work only with it present.
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    1&2) 1 press or double press of any button is the most you need to do to navigate what's assigned to the buttons.

    3) I tap the calendar button once and I'm at the home screen, type a letter, and tap the icon to enter any app in the system. (That saves the opt-command keypress combination to go home that irritates many Treo users.)

    With Button Manager you can set a button to switch back to the previous app. It becomes intuitive fast.
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    With Button Manager you can set a button to switch back to the previous app. It becomes intuitive fast.
    Hmmm.... now we're talking. That's what I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    If you download Button Manger, use the pure hack version. I'm still using last month's version. I need to update. New version is at

    I'm with you on missing silkscreen triggered hacks. I miss PhlegmHack on the Treo. It did previous hack and popped up a list of faves and last used apps.
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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

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