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    I keep my Treo 90 in my back pocket since it has such a nice small size. The only problem is that it keeps getting turned on when the buttons on the bottom get pushed in when I sit in the car etc. I've tried turning it around (which causes the stylus to get pulled out when I pull it out sometimes), and turning it over. It seems to be on every time I pull it out and must be on most of the time as the battery gets pulled down much more rapidly than it should. Is there any way to just disable all of the buttons so that they it won't turn itself on.
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    Two Key On Hack 2.0 (March 2002), freeware

    Haven't tried it personally, but description says you can configure it as you please-- special 2-key combo to turn on device. You'll need the freebie Xmaster also. Link on same page. (Back up first to play it safe!)

    Please advise of your experiences with the hack.
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    or you could just hold down the power key for 2 seconds to enable key lock. works for me.
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    Originally posted by cubelover
    or you could just hold down the power key for 2 seconds to enable key lock. works for me.
    Exactly how does that help, though? Even with the Key Lock on, the screen still turns on every time one of the 4 launcher buttons (or the scroll buttons) are pressed in. It just doesn't cycle through programs because the "Hold down the power key" message is up. But the screen still comes on, and stilld rains the juice.

    Am I missing something on this? I'm glad they thought to include it, but it sure doesn't help my case any...
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    i set the auto-off to 30 seconds. when it does occasionally turn on, it doesn't sap as much juice and it doesn't start wreaking havoc on my records. (somehow, the 'p' key kept getting depressed so i had various appointments and to-do items consisting of 'p' or 'pppppppppppppppppppppppppp.')
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    Thanks WebSter,
    That hack worked perfectly. You have to hold the power button and one of the keys you choose and release them at the same time for it to work. It really reduced my battery consumption dramatically. Thanks for the great tip.
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    I've been struggling with this issue since I got my Treo two weeks ago. I've written handspring. It seems they never wanted it to turn off the buttons and avaoid inadvertent turn on. I'm thinking this feature must be of some advantage to 180 or 270 users, but I'm not sure.

    Holding down the power button on the Treo90 and letting the unit power off by itself locks the keyboard and locks the hardware buttons as well. But a minute later, the hardware buttons are active again. That's nice for people who want the keyboard inactive, but doesn't help those of us who want the hard keys locked to keep the unit from turning on.

    I've got 2 Key On Hack. Works well. Also gives you some primitive security. (Unless someone knows which two keys to press, they can't turn on your palm and they assume it's dead.)

    Tips for 2KOH: Don't set it to a button you don't have, like jogdial or contrast. Don't set it to the power button either. If you do any of these, you'll have to soft reset to get your machine back on.

    The sound 'n sleep setting is worth using. Don't check either disable box. They disable 2KOH and delete your preferences everytime your alarm goes off of you plug into the cable.

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