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    Hello to all,
    Man, it sure has been a long time since I've been on this forum... well anyway, I need some suggestions from you guys. My sister-in-law has a visor and she is getting ready to work at a pharmacutical company or a drugstore. She needs software that will give her information on most of drugs so that she won't have to tote around this book that weighs about a ton and a half . So I guess basicly she needs a drug reference app. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in Advance,
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    I think you can find a SpringBoard module with such an application.
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  3. #3 this is an excellent drug reference that updates regularly.
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    I second the vote for ePocrates. It is a very good program with lots of information on a large number of drugs including adult and pediatric dosing, side effects, and pricing. It also has the ability for the user to enter multiple drugs and then run a search to look for potential drug interactions. As whitewolf said, it is updated frequently (at least twice a week) and automatically updates when you hotsynch if your computer is hooked to the Internet. It does not include antimicrobials but there is a another program called ePocrates ID which deals with these. Best of all, both are FREE.
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    There is also the PDR Springboard by Franklin.

    UPDATE: I just found PDR Mobile which is FREE for MDs, NPs, and PAs.
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    Thanks a lot guys, even though I haven't visited this forum in a while it's nice to see that some things just don't change.... how helpful you guys are. Definitely going to check out this ePocrates and PDR Mobile.
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    As a doc, ePocrates is the way to go. Constantly improved and updated, new features (including the great qID for treating infections), and you can't beat the price. Be sure you have lots of free memory (need about 2 Megs for both apps).
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    Hey again,
    My sis-n-law wanted me to send a big ups to all of you guys for the suggestions. She loves ePocrates. She was also planning on trying out PDR Mobile but she loved eProcrates so muched that she never got around to it!!!!

    Great Success always comes at the Risk of Great Failure.

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