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    Is it possible to dial-in to a modem on a pc running some sort of proxy or NAT server and browse the Internet that way using a Treo?

    Would simply a RAS(dial-up networking) server do? If so, how would that work?

    My situation is I have a cable modem ISP(Cox) and I would like to access the Internet thru my Treo without getting a 2nd ISP. If I could set the phone modem on my pc to answer, can I then connect to a server on it and browse the net using my cable access?

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    You might try this from iReady.

    Interesting, they don't seem to be actually selling anything, just telling you how to set up a dial-up PPP server. I think though that you can ignore the part about installing a null modem.

    Hope this helps, regards.
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    From what I have been finding out on the net, this project will definitely require a RAS server("dial-up networking") to be running plus I think it will require a proxy/NAT server to fetch the web page and *route it* to the palm which issued the request.

    This tidbit from the link posted above, should come in handy:

    "If your device is a webserver, launch an IE or Navigator web browser. Type and press return ( is the default IP address that Windows assigns to the PPP(dial-up server) client). "


    I will post more info as I find it. Stay Tuned!
    I'm sure I won't be the only person asking this question now that palm phones are being sold.

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