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    Don't know if this has already been posted, but The Treo 270 now appears to be showing up in retail stores. I was just in CoZone this afternoon (a trendy renamed-CompUSA store) and saw them in the glass case.

    It was soooooooooooooo tempting. But I think I'm going to hold for the 300........

    No, they didn't have a model on display to try out.

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    Just arrived at our local Dixons store in the in the UK too!
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    They haven't showed up in Canada yet...god the people behind the counter (Future Shop and Rogers store) didn't even know what I was talking guy kept insisting it wasn't called the 270 but the 240! guy told me it would be available next month and the other guy (the one that said it was the 240) said it would be released 2-3 months after Handspring released it which he thought was going to be in another 5-7 months...grrr
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    I originally saw the Treo in Dixons duty free at Gatwick airport about a month ago. 600 for the Treo 180 -- hardly duty free value!

    What makes me laugh with the Treo are the looks of utter incomprehension when you talk to your service provider about it. I phone up Vodafone to get my handset insurance moved over to the Treo. Bird on the end of the phone tells me "sure, no problem, and you'll get a written confirmation in the post".

    Two days later I get a written confirmation that my insured handset is a Mitsubishi Trium 270. Nice. I don't actually think there IS a Trium 270, but there you go.

    Phone them up again. "No, Mitsubishi definitely make the Trium", they tell me. Aarrrrgh. "No, it's a Handspring Treo, T-R-E-O," I say.

    "Oh, right ... what's that then?"

    I explain what the unit does, and where I bought it from (Handspring's website)

    "We only insure phones, sorry."

    "This IS a phone."

    "No, according to our database it's a PC."

    "It's a combined phone and PDA. It's definitely a phone, because if it isn't I'm hallucinating this conversation".

    "Well we don't know what it is, we can't insure it".

    You'd think Handspring would throw a few complimentary units at the major network providers so they at least know what their customers are talking about if they phone for support. I think the Treo could be HUGE in Europe, especially in the UK, given our fetish for SMS, but without the proper marketing support no-one will have a clue that they even exist. There's a new Smartphone out that 02 are flogging, the XDA, which I think is a Compaq-based Pocket PC PDA, and this is getting a huge amount of media coverage. In comparison Handspring could look like they're standing still.

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