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    Handspring have JUST (ie. today) started to offer a choice on their UK website as to whether you want to buy the Treo 270 in the "European" version (GSM 900/1800) or whether you want the "World" versions (the US model, ie. 900/1900).

    Remarkably annoying as I would definitely have gone for 900/1900 rather than 900/1800.

    Ah well, if the screen goes on this one, perhaps I'll ask for a 900/1900 one as a replacement.
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    Quite useful for someone who shuttles back and forth between Europe and USA, I suppose (provided your European provider has 900MHz support).

    Luckily, my travels normally take me to Asia, which uses the same GSM standard as Europe.

    I find it rather bizarre that USA is the only region that's on 1900MHz though - is 1800 MHz taken by something else there?



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