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    I'm looking for recommendation on a high capacity battery for my Treo 680 that I can buy here in the UK without spending an arm and a leg, and that doesn't require the oversize battery door.

    I've heard of the Seidio 1600mAh Extended Battery - does it deliver? It's a bit spendy over here at 50 or so - so it had better.

    Are there any other slim-line high capacity batteries to look at?

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    I've got the Seidio 1600 battery. It is excellent. Always lasts the day even with Chattermail set to continually poll for mail. It is a bit pricey as you say but I've had mine for 18 months & it's still going strong.
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    I too am looking for high capacity battery for my 680, unfortunately, they are not available in Pakistan

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