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    What do I need to get online with my Prism and Motorola V120C?
    is it only one wire? if so then what is the best software? I am NOT looking to use it for email --more for web browsing
    Any help would be great
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    Anyone? I'd like to do wireless web on my Visor Prism as well. I have the same setup as the previous post. Prism + Motorola V120. I've been looking into the Gomadic cable. In reading their website, ( it seems that I only need the cable to connect the two devices. I can then use my wireless phone to dial my ISP (in my case Compuserve) and a modem is not required.

    Does anyone know if it's actually as simple as that? Will I need to pay an extra fee to Verizon, my wireless phone service provider?

    Any info on this, or any other wireless web solution for the Prism would be greatly appreciated.

    -Lisa W.
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    I had a Prism and a Motorola 270c.
    I used a cable from

    You do not need a modem with this configuration. Your phone acts as the modem.

    You do not have to pay an extra fee to Verizon. You are just charge minutes when calling your ISP.

    You do need a web browser like BLAZER to surf the web.

    You do need an email client to send and receive mail.

    Eudora has both and is free if you want to try it out before buying something. Many people love Eudora for email but I havn't heard many raves on the Browser.

    Good Luck!
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    What NickC said - will have your cabling answer - there are many browser options for PalmOS, some free, some as much as $40.

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    I use the EudoraWeb browser. When Blazer 2.0 came out as a beta I tried it, too, but the only advantage I saw with Blazer is graphics capability (which I disabled to keep page loading times down).

    I'm using a Motorola p280 and Palm m125 with infrared connection, and VoiceStream service. I've also used a Visor Deluxe and Nokia 8290 the same way. When I visit my parents up North, my dad always gets a laugh when I dial up to Earthlink using a Detroit number, then check my e-mail at a restaurant.
    "Yeah, he can talk. It's gettin' him to shut up that's the trick!"
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    Thanks so much for the replies. I'm sold! I'm placing my order for a cable today.

    -Lisa W.

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