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    Is anyone else unable to run Yahoo Messenger on their Treos? I can't run it at all - it logs on, downloads my buddy list, and then tells me that "Beginning July 17th, Yahoo! will no longer support this version of Yahoo! Messenger. Please upgrade to the latest version by visiting "

    However, a) there is no Palm download there and b) I'm lucky to catch the URL at all since another window pops up with "you were signed out as you were signed in on another machine" (which I was not)... As soon as you dismiss the window, you lose the connection.

    Anyone else seeing this? Are the discontinuing support for the Palm version, or are they just taking their time upgrading? I know that Yahoo changed their IM protocols and that broke a lot of third party IM agents, but you'd think they'd fix their own app...

    Treo 270 / Cingular
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    I HAD been successful using the Palm OS version of Messenger but a few days ago I started getting the "... signed on another machine". I left a feedback at the 'Messenger Help' but didn't see where they were saying there was a new version.

    Going to look now.

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    I should clarify I was using Messenger with no problems whatsoever until last week.

    And you've gotta love the Yahoo Messenger website - you get an error when you try to submit a bug report form. Nice.
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