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    When I bought the Treo, I got the belt clip just like I had with my Motorola I1000 plus, and all was good in the world until one day I thrust the Treo into the belt clip and (Without me realizing) out popped the little door on the back!

    This little door contains:
    Your SIM without which your phone does not work.
    Your serial #

    This is like putting a Vehicle ID number on a hubcap!

    When I called Customer Service (on my I1000 plus) the first question they had was "What is your Serial#?"

    Well you can see this can be a problem (Tec Support was lost!).

    Handspring CS took a week to get me a new door (did that mean that I now have a new SN?), and told me I would have to buy a sim at any local wireless dealer (20$).

    Fortunately someone found the little door with the sim and my SN so with a little scotch tape I am back in business.
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    Scotch tape on a $700 device? Makes me shudder.
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    Well there is no reason for him to use a scotch tape. he can just use the replacement SIM Door if the othwer one is broken and record is serial number somewhere safe. The serial number is also on the Treo Box as MSN number.

    Originally posted by iJITSU
    Scotch tape on a $700 device? Makes me shudder.

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