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    I think someone should come up with a program that use a corner of the screen to replicate the "Application/Home" button on the grafitti silkscreen. For long time Palm users, it will be an excellent program. It is too troublesome to click 2 buttons in order to go to the home screen.

    Anyone? Please.....

    Best regards
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    I just remap the "blazer" button to applications.

    I rarely use blazer, but use applications a lot more.
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    I did the same thing too.

    But it is not too intuitive to put the stylus down to press the button, if you know what I mean.

    Come on. Programmers, good opportunity here....

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    Maybe a home icon can be added to the Command Bar that pops up when NewPen is active? This would be cool.

    I rarely need to go into the main launcher though with my Switcheroo, McPhling, EasyLaunch Treo Button combination.

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