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    I just noticed that the lighted keyboard is lighted in the phone application and no other applications including the SMS application. Is this how it is suppose to behave? If so, shouldn't it be lighted on the SMS app?
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    That is how mine behaves, too. It is a waste for it to automatically light in the phone application but I guess the idea is that with any application except the phone, you will turn backlighting on if you need it. With the phone, it is automatic. I'd rather it be manual always, personally.
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    I like it, it turns on in phone mode and stays on for about 10 seconds with still full bright screen, if you start using the keyboard, it stay on unless it sees no usage. You can elect to turn on the keyboard light at anytime with power double push. To make a call, just open the lid, it's ready to go day or night.

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