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    I need a simple calculator program for my 270. The calculators that come with it are nice, but much more than I need for everyday use. I'd like a calculator screen that shows just the numbers, 0-9 and the operands (+-/x). Hopefully, the actual number and operand buttons would then be bigger and easier to use for the many "simple" calculations I need to do each day. Thanks ahead of time for your references.
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    Have you checked the simple version of the built-in calcs. Go into the Calculator, then Menu | Options | Change Mode.
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    Or Simple Press :menu: m on the keyboard while in the calculator
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    Thanks Unipalmer and Yardie. Exactly what I was looking for. Now, is there a way I can program one of my buttons so that when I launch the calculator it automatically comes up with this calculator screen, rather than one of the others?
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    The calc defaults to the last mode used, so set it to the mode you want and don't change modes. ;-)

    You can program one of the buttons using the built-in "Buttons" pref or install Buttons-T or TreoButtons depending on which button you want to "program".
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    Give infinity software's PowerOne a try, great program w/simple interface but also includes usefull functions like a calender calculator etc. It comes free now on most Palm brand PDAs but there is a trial version on the website >

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    Thanks for the help and suggestions. I've got it running just the way I want now. What a great forum! Problem solved in less than 6 hours - better than any tech support I've ever used.

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