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    Has anyone had any experience with sms on voicestream and icq? We use icq fairly heavily and now that I have a treo I can't seem to get messages from it to a user's desktop. I can send messages from the desktop (pc) to my mobile number which are recieved as sms on the treo but when I reply nothing gets received. I have set up icq to send sms to my mobile number but when I try I get a "network not available message" which I have learned is icq's default error message. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, not being able to sms to desktop pcs is a major pain.
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    Next time you receive an SMS from a desktop (email source), and hit reply, check the address line. If it says a number instead of a name or email address... the message will go nowhere. You'll need to hit FORWARD and select the recipient.

    I'm not sure if this is intended but happens to all treo users I know. My department just purchase 15 treos and all users have experienced this issue.

    Now you should be able to, from VoiceStream for sure, send a message to any email address. My mine works fine... I constantly send message to my inbox at work, home and to my wife at home, friends, family, co-workers... not aware of any issues.

    In fact, I was recently traveling in the UK and Sweden (born/live in the states) and had no issues geting/sending message. Well, I had some issue in the UK but only when connecting to Vodaphone network. Otherwise, all combinations of mobile/email messaging work fine.

    Now, I'm not a big ICQ user and I had noticed the SMS function, but have not tried it. If I get it work work, I'll let you know.
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    After doing a little research (thanks for all the help on this board) I found out that voicestream blocks messages from icq and windows messanger but allow them from AOL instant messanger. So if we want to be able to send sms to a desktop (rather than email) we have to use AIM. With AIM each "buddy" is assigned a unique number which can be added to the phonebook and voila'. It seems to work great, I tried it on my assistants desktop and we have been able to sms many times in the past few days. Have't tried the chat feature and probably won't, the treo keyboard just doesn't lend itself to long strings of text.
    Here is the link if anyone is interested

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