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    Anyone know where I can get a browser for Treo that will support frames?
    Blazer is too limited.
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    EudoraWeb does it, albeit indirectly. I'm presuming that, like Lynx, it'll tell you that there's a left frame, a top frame, and a right frame. No, not quite what you have in mind, but I think this is the closest you might be able to get, unless Blazer does the same thing.

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    all the browsers do that...its due to screen size...there is no way you can render out a frameset on a 160x120 px screen......instead the browsers split the frameset intot he pages and you can view the stripped down pages individually....

    I guess you could do it , but you sure as hell couldnt read anything !
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    Far as I recall, AvantGo's browser doesn't support frames at all
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    Tapliner does it.
    As far as I know, it is the only Palm OS browser which displays real web pages exactly as on your desktop with IE or Netscape.
    It supports HTML 4.0, javascript and so.
    More: once a page is completely displayed, you can swich her size by taping a magnifying button, from 100% down to 25%.
    But you have to know that it is very slow (about 3/5 minutes to display a complete page with french GSM connection).
    Due to the fact that it is an beta version, it may bug sometimes (screen freezes and needs a reset)
    But the result is very impressive!
    You can see and download it here:

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