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    Anyone who is looking for a good leather belt-clip case for your Treo should take a look at Brookstone's "Micro Leather Phone Case." It's a a 'drop in' leather case that closes over the top of the phone, with a small side cutout to accomodate the antenna. Unlike other similar cases made for small cell phones (StarTac, Nokia 8000 series, etc.), this actually fits the Treo perfectly. Loose enough to easily pull the Treo out when it is attached to your belt. It's a good alternative for wearing with professional attire, where the techno/geek look (i.e., Promax or Handspring 'hard' holsters) or the slacker/messenger look (Handspring nylon case) would be inappropriate.

    And the best feature of all: $12.50 retail. No shipping. Just go to your local mall.
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    I've dusted off the belt case from the original PalmPilot which fits perfectly as well in a similar way.
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    I must agree that the Brookstone case is a very good substitue for HS sport case. I used a sport case for Edge and VP before and sport case does have good usability which is strong and durable. However, I find Brookstone leather case is even better in feel, fit and price in comparison to HS sport case. I was skeptical before but I am glad that I have make a right choice. Thanks to members on this forum for such a good advice.
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    i need to order this online (i don't live in US).
    could you be more specific as to what i should be looking for on brookstone's website?

    also, you said it is a little loose? that doesn't bother you at all? i.e. doesn't that make it feel a little unsecure?

    finally, is it very easy to pull it out of the holster to pick up an incoming call or make a new one (i.e. think phone, not pda).

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    The brookstone case isn't loose - you can turn it over open and it won't fall out, but the Treo slides in and out easily. Nice case. It is pretty easy to remove the Treo but I fiond the Treo slippery and want something to stick to the sides to make it less so.
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    Here's what you're looking for by the way. They must have made a killing on those things, becuase I'd guess 50% of the people that bought Treo 180s (myself included) got one of those cases. They're really great, and although I don't use mine much any more, it's not because of any faults with the case.
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    Anyone know of a UK or European supplier for this case? I managed to get the Krusell Handit case case, which is a beautiful looking case but over elaborate. The Brookstone case looks just the job -- a simple holster which you can grab the Treo out of. Unfortunately Brookstone don't seem to realise that planet Earth does not end within the borders of the US...

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