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    Well, after trying out a few e-mail programs, I can honestly say that BaseJet is the best one so far. EVEN THOUGH I don't use the push features, it's the nicest palm e-mail program allowing for both synchronization of e-mail and remote retrieval. Eudora does this but there were some quirks that I couldn't figure out (like how it doesn't use the normal capitalization procedure as the rest of the Treo).

    Of course I still think a wonderful product would be an Outlook addon that replies to an e-mail with teh subject of all unread e-mails in the inbox. Think about it. You SMS a message to yourself with a code in it. You set up a rule in Outlook that is triggered by the code. Then a "custom action" replies to the e-mail with nothing more than the subject of unread messages in the inbox. This would be a very quick, very easy (and cheap) way of checking your e-mail, w/o having to dial up.

    Anyone agree/disagree?
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    So you can both syncronize with outlook express and check accounts on the fly? Using Eudora, I sync with outlook express my main email accounts. Also using eudora, I check other email other accounts (3 other lesser accounts). I then use one touch to check a specific account that recieves 3 emails that eudora truncates no matter if I sync them or download seperatedly.

    How many email account can you setup? What is the largest email basejet will download before truncating?

    I would love one email client that can syncronize with outlook express, is able to also do pop3/smtp, doesn't truncate emails, and is cabable of remembering the what was the last email it downloaded and does download it again.

    Multimail Pro did all but the last. It could never remeber where it left off at my work email. It would always download the last n number of messages. Not to mentioned it crashed quite often.
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    I dont' know how big the emails can be. Mine are all short. Sorry. As for how many accounts, again, I don't know. I only use one.
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    I just tried Basejet, it isn't for me. :-(

    Doesn't automatically Launch OE. Another pet peeve of Eudora

    Have to click OK to delete a message. I said delete, delete it.

    Deleting (and clicking okay), causes you to go back to the mailbox, not to the next message.

    Can't seem to find a way to check email accounts via pop3.

    Prism (my test unit that I call MYMira) crashed on every hotsync after installing basejet. Uninstalling it from the prim and the desktop. No more crashes.

    Back to the drawing board.
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    IambIcMail also syncs with Outlook and retrieves email directly. It even has a SMS connection to it. Have you tried out that one? You can get it at I am not sure if it has all the features that you mentioned though.
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    Iambic's SMS causes a crash on the TREO. Try it!
    Iambic's Action Names does not support the jog dial when entering or editing contacts. There are a lot of complaints about these and other items on the Iambic message board. I think they are working on it (ha)

    PS - Treo Keyboard Utils seems to fix the problem in Action Names


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    Yes. I notice this too. But I thought that it was just me. I have a alot of hacks and stuff on the unit -- so.

    Originally posted by christo1970
    Iambic's SMS causes a crash on the TREO. Try it!

    PS - Treo Keyboard Utils seems to fix the problem in Action Names

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    Re: Iambic Mai

    I have tried it before, but don't remember why I didn't like so I have tried it again.

    Only been trying for a couple of hours, and will give it a couple of more days.

    But so far.

    It syncs with oe, but truncates large emails. The conduit settings don't seem to have a way to change these settings. It doesn't seem to launch OE before syncing though. I like the way multimail did it.

    It doesn't look like it truncates any emails that it gets via pop3, but I haven't tried it with the 3 large emails.

    No folders, no Filtering? Geez. It just sticks both synced and pop3 email into the same folder. I have eudora set up to filter each account into its own folder. Not a deal killer, I guess I could live with it if I had to.

    But I wonder how it distinguishes between sending email via conduit or smtp. Eudora handles it badly. If I want something sent via smtp and sync, eudora will try to send the email via conduit.
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    Here's a topic I'm very interested in, as I'm still trying to settle on a mail app for my 270. I like Iambic's message preview features and user interface, but I've noticed a couple problems:

    1. Tapping on the scroll bar (not the thumb, not the arrows) doesn't work in the message list, while it does while viewing a message.

    2. Sometimes the last couple lines of display in the message list get overwritten with ASCII garbage.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I like the look and feel of Iambic, but I may go with Mark/Space if I can't make it work right.

    During mail retrieval, I also notice that Iambic is doing some formatting of html e-mails. I'm concerned this will increase the connection time. Can't it wait until after all mail is retrieved to perform this step? I want to keep my connection time to a minimum.

    I like Mark/Space mail, but I wish the author would:

    1. Display a single dialog box for multiple account retrieval/send, instead of one for each account (actually two for each account if checking AND sending), because the re-draw of the message list between each dialog box is a waste of connection time.

    2. Make the user interface a little sexier. Yeah, I know this isn't critical, but I'm a visual kind o' guy.

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