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    Something I noted recently is that my 270 will at random intervals automatically turn off its wireless mode. At first I assumed that I had accidentially turned it off, but I actually managed to see it turn off without anything. A soft reset does not solve the problem. It can occur several times a day.

    I have ruled out the following actions as correlating causes:

    New software
    Loose SIM card
    Putting the Treo down on a surface
    Moving the Treo in a particular revolving motion (although it sometimes switches off then)
    Moisture after using Treo in steamy bathroom (don't ask)
    Loose mechanical contacts
    Any particular software used right before
    Loss of signal or switching towers

    There seems to be a correlation with plugging out the Treo from its charger in about one in five cases the Treo will go off wireless within seconds after unplugging.
    Same is the case after a hot-sync in one out of five cases.

    Any suggestions as to what could be wrong and how to fix it?


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    i have a similar problem that a couple of times a day it shuts down and does a soft reset but i have a hack called crash and the system automaticaly turns itself back on. a little annoying but as long as it turns itself back on i can live with it fred
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    That sounds intriguing, although I never see the system resetting. I do have TreoTools to start wireless after a reset, but in my case I never experience a reset.


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