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    Has someone ever installed and tried Tapliner web browser? It seems very performant (real web pages, javascript, HTML 4...) but it seems very... unstable and bugged too.
    I am looking for feedbacks before I install it...
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    No I have not tired This, but have recently tried WebToGo. it fast, its stable, its easy to install and use and whats more its free. better than Blazer too
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    Donnorf - where can one download the Web2go browser? Do you have the URL? Thanks in advance.
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    I downloaded from palmgear. it has versions for europe and the Uk. You can also get it at:
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    That looks very cool (having all the main wireless apps like web, mail, SMS etc. all available on one screen) but there's no apparent support for users in the United States.
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    Ohhhhhhhh sorry to here that but keep watching they may have something for the us soon. its a great app
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    palmscape is still the best browser i have used...simple no bugs, nice display, good frame support...these new ones seem all buggy,, i still use blazer a bit...but i love my palmscape still
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