I'm hoping someone is a guru in the EAS world, because I'm new to it.

Have Versamail 4.0.1, and the account sets up fine, the "test connection" is successful.

I initially only had the option of Autosyncing on intervals, and it would push my mail, events from my calendar, and contacts to the server. The phone would remind me to push the "sync" button every now and then.

I randomly got an "Exchange ActiveSync Enabled" one day, and I suddenly had the "as items arrive" option in the autosync preferences. This is great, mail comes to my phone fast. I can send mail. Contacts sync great.

But now, events that I add to my phone calendar won't get pushed to the server. I can add contacts and events on the server (or any client, like my address book and iCal), and they'll get pushed to the phone, but not the other way around.

Anyone know why the calendar would quit working both ways?

Thanks so much!