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    Backlight died on me after about two weeks of use. Still works other than that, but it's like looking at a Gameboy Advance screen (a comparison which the guy at Handspring thought was the funniest thing ever). Always the way, the thing lasted just long enough to become indispensible! And I've already sold my old Nokia 9210

    And there was I hoping that Handspring had ironed out the bugs through bitter experience on the US models before releasing the European models to market!

    Still, have to compliment Handspring's European support staff -- very pleasant, very helpful, and I hope their swap-out procedure works as well as their staff on the end of the phone do. Just a shame I can't compliment Handspring's European quality control!

    Have any other Europeans had their machines die? Most of the "my Treo's bust!" brigade seem to be from over the pond.
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    Hi from France (somewhere in Europe)
    I own a Treo 270 since 3 weeks and for the moment I works fine. I hope it will last a few...
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    Hi, I had the 180g for a month then sent it back to upgrade to the 270. I haven't had any problems with either one so far. I hope it stays that way.
    May the lord bless you and Heaven smile upon you.
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    I had a European one die within a week, replacement took three weeks and so far after one week its still OK.
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    I had a European for 4 days before the screen died.

    The replacement arrived after 3 weeks.

    I'm on day 5 of new replacement. Fingers crossed
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    Three WEEKS? Sheesh.

    I'll give them until the end of this week and then I think a letter to Watchdog might be in order. I don't believe it takes three weeks to stick a handset in an envelope and send it out, and for 500-odd they should be a bit more urgent about keeping people sweet.
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    Mine was three weeks as well but only after having a fair old go at them about the promised "within one week" then "two weeks" and then "three weeks".

    In other threads people have ordered and got new units delivered in days so one can only assume they are putting priority on revenue generating shipments to new customers over non-revenue generating replacements for existing owners. It boosts the quarterly revenue figures but in these post Enron days .......
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    Well I've just sent them a bit of a prod via the support form on their website.

    I'm sure the guy who reads them won't give an arse about it, but I thought I'd throw Watchdog into the conversation just in case. If we're talking potential revenue, well, a little mention on Watchodg won't exactly do them any good.

    Mind you I've probably just pissed them off and I'll get my replacement in the second quarter next year!
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    Logged the faulty unit at 2pm on Friday, got my replacement today about half an hour ago. Will confess to being moderately impressed.

    Whether or not I say impressed, of course, will depend on if the blimmin' thing stays operational!

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