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    Does anyone use the overclocker AfterBurner on the Treo270 ?

    I'm little afraid of install it
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    I tested fast CPU it works but not with the phone app!!!
    Slower than my NR70 was but i love my Treo 270......
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    It overclocks all right, but it crashes randomly on phone apps.

    I am not using it because of this.

    Does anyone now how to set afterburner up without these crashes? I could use the additional speed. Benchmark says my Treo 270 is 163%
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    i have been using AfterBurner with X-Master on my Treo 180g and now the Treo 270, and have no crashes due to it. From what i can tell.

    However, i do not change the system speed, only specific applications. eg. SimCity is bumped to run at 54mhz. I need to do a bit more testing from someone ringing me while I have a Overclocked app running, but So far has been fine.

    UPDATE: I was trying some stuff last night, and if you are running an Overclocked up, sometimes the phone does not pick-up an incoming call.
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    You are talking about SimCity: is there a Palm version of this game? If yes, where can I find it? On the editor's site may be?
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    i played around wiht both afterburner and fastcpu, and i can tell you that phone will not act as one at any point the unit is overclocked. also as far as my experience goes, afterburner has certain flaws in it, mainly that it doesn't always switch back to normal clock rate when you have set it to do so, but that is not a very common problem.

    however, the point of my post is this: at any moment the device is overclocked, don't be expecting the phone to work.

    i use quickbits, which is not an overclocking utility to start with and i have noticed an improvement. you should feel it more on the color screen (270) than on the 180.
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    It seems that many users had problems with the phone after installing Afterburner. I downloaded the unregistered version of Afterburner III (max overclocking 37Mhz) and have had no problems so far. I keep it at a constant speed of 37Mhz, because I noticed that it had problems (crashed) switching speeds. My phone works fine, I can make calls, receive calls, use the modem etc. To convince myself that the overclocking actually works (I noticed a slight speedup, but was unsure whether that was just wishful thinking), I installed Benchmark 2.0 and timing went from 163% to 184%.

    Bottom line: Afterburner seems to work for me and has introduced no problems with the phone, am I just plain lucky?
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    the only speedup program that has worked for my treo is quickbits and it works great! It doesn't improve response by much but text drawing is much much faster.
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