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    Was thinking I wasn't going to have to think about it for a month or two until a few good Pre+ / IPhone 4G comparison threads popped up .... but my Treo apparently bit the dust this morning and I am wondering if anyone can diagnose problem.

    Checked it upon waking up for messages and after typing in my password, it brought me to the date screen (all was correct). Exiting out, screen went like an old TV when the vertical sync was off ....had bottom of window on top half of screen and top of window on bottom half..... hit rest button and it wigged out like on old TV w/ vertical sync outta whack with same screen windows zooming past, vertically.

    Another reset brought a dead screen....putting Treo in fridge for 15 minutes and all comes back to normal..... lasts about 5 minutes till it returns to above dead screen state (power LED still blinking) Putting Treo only in fridge w/o battery, and then putting warn battery in also lights up screen ....'s not the battery.

    Battery is about 1/3 charged. Any ideas for a simple fix ? .... was hoping for it to last thu mid summer.
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    Looks like your video component is on the fritz. I have somewhat of a screen problem on mine. My screen would turn pink and fuzzy like a TV. I give it a loving whack (like my old TV) it would go back to normal. I don't think that would fix that on your since it looks like an electronic component is having some thermal problems, hence the out of sync screen display. I fear that my Treo 650 may end up the same as yours some day.

    Sorry, I really don't know, just tried to offer some thoughts.
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    Brother's died this morning Bootload v0.24 and four wide color lines from an Atari game Circa 1980.

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    Must be a local thing .... assuming your in Suffolk County Long Island too

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