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    Well, I haven't been around here much, lately, mainly due to the fact that I haven't been syncing my Visor much anymore now that I am using OSX.

    I have a new job now and need to start using my Visor a bit more often so I need to take that final plunge and upgrade to OSX Palm OS Desktop and find a few replacement apps. I'm currently hunting down a better and OSX-friendly password application, but I'd really like to find a replacement for AvantGo. Would iSilo do the job? I mainly download my local paper and issues of
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    I switched to iSilo several months ago and have been quite pleased...
    • requires less memory (PDA)
    • allows greater control of HTML display (eg: turn image display on/off on per-page basis; adjust table layouts to work with PDA screen limitations)
    • offers more flexibility/control of downloaded content (eg: skip "entertainment news", but D/L "weather" and "local news" pages; control depth of linking on per-site basis)

    However, it does have a couple of minor drawbacks (non-issues, to me):
    • adds a step to the content update process (must "convert" files then sync)
    • doesn't support form submission

    Here's how I put iSilo to work for me:
    [list=1][*]locate "PDA-friendly" version of desired site (I used resources such as Plink-It and [when that didn't work] tried adding subdirectories such as "/avantgo" and "/mobile" to the parent URL of the site in question)[*]use iSiloX to add and configure sites for download (I created a single iSiloX file for all of my "AvantNo" sites)[*]use iSiloXC to create a "shortcut" for automating the conversion of iSiloX list of sites[*]run the iSiloXC shortcut then HotSync to download/convert/install the latest info[/list=1]

    One caveat: I'm a Windows user, so I can't speak for iSiloX and iSiloXC functionality in OSX; but, the author does have betas available for OSX, and if they're as good as the betas for Windows, you shouldn't have any problems.

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