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    I currently have piBackup scheduled to backup my palm and am very impressed with the solution, it's proved a life-saver on several occasions.

    However, recently I went to perform a manual backup before a friend beamed me their newly developed app and before doing it, as per the manual, I disabled all my hacks in XMaster.

    Then it dawned on me that the scheduled backup doesn't do this so my question is this. Are their any utilities out their that can schedule the disabling of Xmaster hacks (e.g. switch it to a "disabled" set in which no hacks are enabled) before piBackup runs?
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    Will it work without a Graffiti area, though? The description seems to indicate it would need that.
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    XMSwitchSet is almost what I need. It certainly is a tap-saving method of switching hack sets.

    However, since my PiBackup is scheduled to run at midnight each Saturday, I need an app that will switch hack sets at a given time or perhaps a hack which does the same but only when PiDirect runs.

    Ideally this app/hack would let me assign XMaster Sets to each application and switch them automatically in a similar way to how PiDirect settings can be application specific.
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    TealMaster supports application specific sets of hacks. You could set up TealMaster to turn off all hacks when the backup program runs. Problem is TealMaster isn't free. :\

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