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    Hey everyone. I've got VoiceStream service in NJ. Just wondering how do you send SMS messages to other carriers? (i.e., Cingular, Verizon, etc.)

    Appreciate your help!
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    As long as the person you are sending to has SMS capabilities, you just send the SMS message to their phone number.
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    Yep I have no problem sending smses back and forth between my friend who's on non-gsm at&t. Just send to the mobil number as normal.
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    sometimes there are problems sending messages between carriers if you do not use the standard way of storing phone numbers in GSM phones.

    You should store ALL numbers in this format: +12065551212 no spaces, no () or dashes.

    The + is the international GSM code that takes place of the country code. This way, if you're roaming in a different country, you don't have to worry about contry codes as the + will take care of it.

    also, I have had problems sending to other carriers if the number isn't stored in the +1... format.

    You will NOT be charged extra or be charged Long Distance fee's when using this format.
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    First, it seems that my Treo 180 already strips out ()'s and dashes and so on when I send a mobile-# SMS (from my addressbook).

    As for reliability...
    - more than half of the SMS I send in the U.S. seem to get through
    - LESS than half of the SMS I send overseas seem to get through, but I don't seem to be RECEIVING any SMS from overseas (I haven't bugged my friends enough to know if they've tried replying).

    When I ask Voicestream / T-mobile about this issue, they unhelpfully insist, "We do not support the use of text messaging outside the U.S., and do not even guarantee sending or receiving text messages within the U.S." Gee, THAT'S reassuring. Gotta love modern technology <sigh>. Or is that gotta love phone companies.

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