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    I have long considered buying the Treo 90. All the things I have read posted here and in other forums are still leaning me towards buying one. However, this display,contrast,stylus falling out,sporadic frying of the unit are scaring me off a bit. Can anyone offer some words of wisdom on whether it is the right time to take the plunge or shall I wait till another batch with all this hardware glitches fixed ??
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Also....if anyone can tell me how easy the keyboard is to use , considering its size
    Thanks in advance
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    Cujo31: Well I'm not sure when the right time would be with a number of people's display dying on them. But to answer your question about the keyboard I found it very easy to use. There is enough pressure you need to put on the keys that even though they are small and close together I never accidentally hit a wrong key when I am typing. It works very well and only registers the key I am intending to hit (at least for me).

    Now I just need my new unit...

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    DigitalP: Thanks for the response. I am glad the keyboard thing works well. When i picked one up at Staples it seemed to be ok but the size got me a bit nervous. As for the displays...i wish someone at the company side would just come out and say there is an issue and let us know from the consumer end when it will be fixed.
    I have never understood why this industry is not subject to the same recall type things that the auto industry is.
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    Originally posted by cujo31
    I have never understood why this industry is not subject to the same recall type things that the auto industry is.
    With the auto industry, it's a matter of safety...most of the time. There isn't enough political and social "pressure" on the computer industry to force better controls.
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    i agree and realized after i posted that it is a safety issue in the auto industry. but my intent was that some similar form of consumer protection needs to be put in place in the computer industry. We are at the mercy of the new product everytime we go out and buy the newest model off the shelf. But it would be nice to know that the companies who so eagerly take our money are willing to go the extra mile and deal with these issues as they come up.

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